• Optimizing energy efficiency and fuel economy through lubrication

    If you weren't able to attend the CIM Virtual conference + Expo this year, it's not too late to watch one of the sessions! Watch the video to see Mathieu Lacombe, ing. explain how the Mobil Serv team can help your mining company improve energy efficiency through lubrication.

    • 28 May 2021
  • Need help for unexplained high copper levels in natural gas compressors?

    Have you ever been curious of what could have caused it and what can you do to protect your equipment from high copper levels showing up in your Used Oil Analysis readings? View the latest Oil & Gas Webinar on Demystifying High Copper Levels in Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor UOA’s to get answers, and to see a video from our Sarnia lab on how Mobil ServSM Advanced Analysis can help. Taking advantage of Oil Analysis and following the clues in your results can help you determine the root cause of high copper readings. There are many reasons for elevated copper levels in a Used Oil Analysis, but the right lubricant can help you protect your natural gas reciprocating compressor against them all.


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    • 9 Dec 2020
  • Are your used oil analysis results showing high copper levels in your natural gas reciprocating compressor?

    Please join us on December 3rd for the next Mobil ServSM Webinar of our Oil & Gas series dealing with High Copper Levels in Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor UOA’s. Watch a behind the scenes video of how copper testing is completed on natural gas compressor oils from our Mobil Sarnia lab, as well as learn how the right lubricant can help protect your equipment from wear and corrosion. Our Mobil Serv team will present this topic for 45-60 minutes and answer any questions you might have on this important technical topic. Please click on the image below to register.

    • 19 Nov 2020
  • Oil Analysis: Improving Equipment Life and Reliability

    Your oil is talking, but are you listening?


    Taking advantage of Oil Analysis can help you save time and money! A consistent Lube Oil Analysis program can help you improve your equipment and shop maintenance efficiency and maximize oil life. View the Oil Analysis: Improving Equipment Life and Reliability webinar as our MobilServ team explains what Oil Analysis is, why it’s important, how to interpret analysis results and the fundamentals of a successful Oil Analysis program.


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    • 16 Nov 2020
  • In case you missed it: The MobilServ Approach to Prescriptive Maintenance, “A Human Led Approach to Unlocking the Power of Industry 4.0”

    If you missed ExxonMobil Field Engineer Adam McMurtrey’s webinar on the MobilServ Approach to Prescriptive Maintenance, “A Human Led Approach to Unlocking the Power of Industry 4.0” you can catch it here!


    The emergence of Industry 4.0 and “connected plants” offer the promise of an exciting future – not through a plug-and-play model but rather a human led approach.


    Ever wondered which data amongst a dataset is key to improving the reliability of a gearbox, or how that effort impacts your overarching program? In Adam's webinar, learn how companies can solve personnel concerns with technology and how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data, and artificial intelligence radically improve operational performance when technology is first used to connect humans. Just gathering more data won’t unleash the potential Industry 4.0 has to improve companies and operations; Mobil’s approach reveals that insights into human behavior and contribution are necessary to effectively leverage data to drive improvements in maintenance and operations. Now companies are able to build best-in-class operations because human-based insights will reveal to the company the best use of resources (time, money, people, etc.) to lower costs & improve production while securing future margins.


    We invite you to learn from our experiences and find out how you can use it to transform your company into the future at mobil.com/plantstudy through a thorough assessment of your plant's current lubricants, lubrication requirements and practices complete with recommendations for improvement and estimates of the value of suggested changes. 

    • 20 Jul 2020
  • Webinar - Advancing Industry 4.0 in Plastics with hydraulic fluids - 30 October 2018

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    You can download specially prepared Guide in PDF via link above - just fill in registration details and download the guide.

    • 5 Nov 2018
  • The Winning Advantage: Lessons from the Stewart-Haas Racing Machine Shop

    On September 11th ExxonMobil partnered with three-time NASCAR Cup Champion Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) at the IMTS show  in Chicago to host an exclusive event outlining challenges and best practices for running a machine shop in a high-performance environment.

    Here is the recording of that event so you can hear what these expert panelists had to say!

    • 14 Sep 2018
  • WEBINAR - How to maximize the performance of your gas engines

    A host of emerging challenges is making it harder for natural gas engine operators to maximize the performance of their equipment. Fluctuating operating hours, inconsistent fuel sources and quality, evolving exhaust gas limits, and variable stop-start engine ratios are all putting increasing pressure on equipment and the lubricants that protect them.

    In the battle to overcome these challenges and maximize equipment performance, oil analysis plays a critical role. Regular oil analysis can help operators accurately assess oil condition and equipment health, enabling them to identify issues early and avoid unscheduled equipment downtime.

    In a webinar moderated by Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International, experts Derek Selby and Frank Heber provide an in-depth look at key lubrication challenges for gas engines. They also explain how a robust oil analysis program can help operators maximize engine performance and minimize costs.

    By watching this webinar, you will learn about:

    • Key lubrication challenges for natural gas engines

    • The role and benefits of used oil analysis in addressing these challenges

    • How to interpret and act on analysis results

    Watch the webinar here, and if you have any other questions for our experts, please leave a question in the comments section below:

    • 2 Mar 2017
  • In case you missed it – Plastics News Europe Webinar: Meeting plastics manufacturing challenges with advanced lubricants

    With a €320 billion turnover, the plastics industry is one of the largest manufacturing contributors in Europe. And, it’s growing.

    As a result of this continued growth, plastics manufacturers are facing greater challenges than ever before. From increasing customer demands – including shorter lead time and lower prices – to growing competition and an overwhelming variety of end product, plastics processers are looking at new ways to optimize all areas of their business.

    To help plastics manufacturers learn to survive and thrive in this competitive market, ExxonMobil lubrication experts Rakesh Vyas and David Adams recently held a webinar hosted by Plastics News Europe to discuss how advanced lubricant solutions can help boost productivity and deliver substantial cost savings.

    With more than 170 registered attendees, this webinar provided an overview of the importance of industrial lubricants in helping equipment run efficiently, as well as the potential benefits the right lubrication can provide, including:

    • Reduced maintenance costs,
    • Improved energy efficiency,
    • Increased productivity,
    • Enhanced material efficiency,
    • Extended oil drain intervals; and
    • Enhanced safety.

    In addition, the webinar discussed how balanced formulation plays a key role in lubricant performance, as well as how the right lubricant supplier can help you further achieve your operational goals with technical support and field engineering services designed to deliver tailored lubricant solutions.

    To learn more about how using advanced lubricants can help you meet the increasing demands of plastics manufacturing today, check out the full webinar session below.

    Please feel free to answer polls related to the webinar using the link below. We suggest to do it following the webinar flow or before the webinar to compare your results with live results:

    We have also included a few case studies on the success of manufacturers around the world who trust ExxonMobil to deliver custom maintenance and lubrication solutions, and a question and answer session with ExxonMobil’s Alessandro Di Maio.



    Still eager to learn more about the state of the plastics industry? Download a copy of Plastics – The Facts 2015 from Plastics Europe!

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    • 10 May 2016
  • Webinar on New Gases, New challenges for Gas Engines

    Gases produced from waste such as landfill and biomass are becoming increasingly important contributors to the energy sector. With these new gases, however, come new challenges for engine operators.

    The challenge

    Biogas is a catch-all term for many different gases - those from landfill and agricultural waste, for example - and each gas presents its own challenges. Contaminants such as siloxanes and hydrogen sulphides can be present in high levels, and have the potential to accelerate wear in liners and piston rings, causing engine failure. This means close attention must be paid to maintenance operations, including the lubrication of engines.

    The solution

    The correct lubricant can help to significantly extend oil drain intervals, boosting reliability and power output. This is achieved by improving engine durability through a lubricant's ability to provide outstanding anti-wear and anti-scuff performance, and exceptional carbon and varnish deposit control - mitigating some of the challenges of operating engines on biomass and landfill gases.

    Let’s explore this topic with webinar below. Please feel free to ask questions on that topic in the comments field at the bottom of page!


    • 12 Apr 2016
  • Webinar on optimizing performance with biodegradable lubricants

    In the webinar below you will be able to learn our view on role of biodegradable lubricants in optimizing performance of equipment in such industries as Oil & Gas as well as introduction of Mobil SHC Hydraulic EAL product series.

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    • 12 Apr 2016
  • Choosing the Right Grease for Electric Motors Applications

    The proper lubrication of electric motor bearings is essential to reducing downtime, enabling optimum equipment performance, and enhancing overall productivity. And, a key component of proper electric motor bearing lubrication is implementing a best practices approach to grease selection and application.

    As different greases have varying properties designed to address specific operating conditions, it’s also necessary to understand the conditions under which your bearing will operate in order to select the right grease. For example, you may need to consider whether your electric motor is operating under specific load constraints, extreme temperatures or efficiency requirements.

    After you’ve established the operating conditions under which your electric motor bearing is operating, as well as the desired grease properties, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind with the application of the lubricant itself, including:

    • Avoiding risk of incompatibility by flushing the previous grease from the bearing
    • Determining the correct amount of grease to apply as determined by the bearing OEM
    • Identifying the correct re-lubrication frequency

    To learn more about grease application and the overall selection process, check out our full presentation below. Please feel free to leave your comments or share the experience on this topic in the comments filed under the video!


    • 12 Apr 2016
  • Webinar – How to make your mining equipment maintenance program work for you

    Today, competition in the mining sector has grown while margins have slimmed. As a result, there is a greater focus on productivity than ever before.

    To succeed, you need to be able to rely on your equipment and ensure that it performs at its best. But, with the growing complexity of mining operations and advances in lubrication technology and data management, the fundamentals of equipment maintenance are evolving.

    This webinar highlighted best practices for ensuring your equipment maintenance program is working at its best. Specifically, the webinar outlined a four-step approach to achieving the Optimal Service Interval for your equipment, as well as how you can leverage this process to help achieve your sustainability and cost control goals.

    To learn more about each of these four steps and how they can help you get the most out of your equipment, check out the full webinar session below. Please feel free to raise your questions on the webinar topic in the comments field under the video!


    Pete Calizzi, Brand Advisor, Americas Industrial Marketing

    • 12 Apr 2016