When do Synthetic Gear Oils make sense?

Gears have been around since the time of Ptolemy, (2nd century AD), and they have traditionally, and happily, been lubricated with petroleum (mineral) based oils for much of this time.  So why incur the expense of using synthetic based Mobil SHCTM Gear Series oils?

To be honest, there are applications that should use petroleum oils.  For example; if a gearbox leaks, and it’s not possible or practical to repair the performance benefit (namely longer oil drain intervals) that a synthetic oil provides are lost.*  Very large gearboxes with lots of reductions are prime candidates for Mobil SHC Gear Series oils.  More reductions mean more energy saving potential (especially if the gearbox contains bevel gears).  The Mobil SHC Gear Calculator  shows that running Mobil SHC Gear Series oils in a gearbox driven by a 1,000 hp motor can save $9,000 year-after-year with 3% energy reduction.  That doesn’t take into account the savings associated with extending oil drains and improving the life of the gears due to the exceptional film strength and wear protection of Mobil SHC Gear Series oils.  

Gears that operate under very cold or hot conditions should also take advantage of Mobil SHC Gear Series oils.  Like-for-like viscosity grade substitution (from a mineral oil to a synthetic Mobil SHC Gear Series oil) means gears can start at 10°C (18°F) colder temperatures without pre-heating.  This means faster starts and reduces the need for supplemental heat.  On the other end of the temperature scale, Mobil SHC Gear Series oils maintain their viscosity so they can protect gears at very high temperatures without losing their viscous film.

There are many other compelling reasons to use Mobil SHC Gear Series oils in almost all gear applications. We welcome your questions and would like to hear about your experiences below!

*There is a Mobil SHC product made to stop leaks.  Mobilith SHCTM 007 is a semi-fluid grease that is thick enough to stay in the gearbox, yet still delivers the outstanding gear protection that you expect from other Mobil SHC synthetic products.