A Day in the Life of a Field Engineer - Post #8

Lights, Camera, Action…#bloopers
The previous post was the final cut—but this is what you didn’t see… For my part, I took some creative liberties. Since my life revolves around my family, faith, and work, it was important to me to convey what it felt like to be a field engineer in real life.

The idea was to show how the kids welcome me home as I transition from an in-person visit at a customer or partner site — to virtual trainings & meetings from my home office. (This video featured the amazing sales team of Morgan Distributing, Inc. and Brett M. White)

So…(drum roll)…for your viewing pleasure, here is the life of a Mobil Serv Field Engineer…in full candor.

I hope you enjoy this clip as much I enjoy living it. Mobil supports not only those who make the world work but the families behind the scenes too! That’s the Mobil Serv way!

This series was originally posted on LinkedIn.