A Day in the Life of a Field Engineer - Post #7

We Stand with Those Who Make the World Work. When people ask me, “What do you do for work?” I let them know that everything I do revolves around strengthening US Manufacturing, Transportation, and Mining.
During the pandemic of 2020, we put together this clip letting the world know that the same level of #partnership and #service they were accustomed to is still available during the health crisis and beyond.

Living life as a Field Engineer for Mobil opens your eyes to the critical function of the #miningindustry #transportationindustry and U.S. #manufacturing.

*Plus and added bonus of getting to serve them, help them, and empower them in their pursuit of their highest priorities and ambitions. That’s the Mobil Serv way!

The video is called “Still By Your Side” – a nod to our catch phrase that ‘We stand with those who make the world work.’

This series was originally posted on LinkedIn.