A Day in the Life of a Field Engineer - Post #6

This time its Show-and-Tell (again) but not my kids—but for me. We were invited to the PackExpo convention in Las Vegas to present at the Innovation Stage to explain how we challenged the status quo with hydraulic systems in plastic manufacturing to improve returns for our partners and their businesses.

Together with EVCO Plastics we shared why we changed our approach to the maintenance, performance, and the 'measure of success' of hydraulic systems in plastics manufacturing.

This is the 'big stage'--it's the largest convention of the year for the plastics industry.

After years of testing and measuring, EVCO Plastics measured reduced power consumption energy efficiency), improved production (esp. an improvement in OEE), and reduced cost-per-unit. There was a small improvement in QA/QC, and there is a higher initial cost for the solutions.

All of this set a new competitive advantage to protect and help ensure EVCO's future cash flows related to maintenance and production.

Other partners have seen these improvements too.

We were honored to be asked to present the details publicly because these are the results we bring to our partners.

That's the Mobil Serv way!

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