A Day in the Life of a Field Engineer - Post #3

Back out into the field!

Post #2 was reflective of the type of home-based work we do: digging through databases of OEM manuals and compiling information our partners need to advance their goals.

Now though, it's buckle up time. After thorough safety checks onsite and personally, we are all over this cement mill. The days are long and you dress in so many layers of clothes and gear, but the work is critical.

Our failure analysis and gears-and-bearings inspection trainings continue to prove useful for this company. We've been on site every year for at least 10 years--catching critical details and trending wear patterns.

Why? Because our partners love these gear inspections.

And it turns out--inspections like these result in insights and actions that our partners use to save tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding pre-mature failures.
The improvement the operations see from our gear inspections are measured in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

When you need to run the unit--is it available? Every time? That's OEE.

We all want the best OEE, and we're here to help our partners get it. That's the Mobil Serv way.

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David Provost

This series was originally posted in LinkedIn.