A Day in the Life of a Field Engineer - Post #1

What do we Field Engineers do at ExxonMobil? The next several posts are a peek into the life of a field engineer! I hope this gives you a feel of the joy and stress of the job. Maybe one day you'll want to be a field engineer too!

Today we are visiting our partner who runs several quarries in the area. They drill into the earth, blast away stone, scoop it and haul it here, to the crusher. (You can see the haul truck dumping the 35 ton load into the crusher). This is the sound of money for them.

We help make sure the jaw crusher is always available. If it's not available, nothing else can produce the crushed stone that construction fleets need. This is a critical-path piece of equipment.

After being crushed, the stone is sifted into various sizes, crushed again, and sifted again. In the 3-level screen (sifter), our partner can decide which size aggregate to produce at any point in time.

We analyze the operation, seek to consolidate lubricant and grease products where we can to simplify maintenance, and find ways to improve production either through our production experience or through our products.

Why? Because we work to earn the business of our partners every year.

That's the Mobil Serv way.

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Gabe Williamson, David Provost

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