Can some one explain me the difference on China GB 11120-2011 L-TSA type A&B approved and non approved turbine oil.

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My customer request to supply L-TSA oil for small steam turbine and we have only this approval for DTE 700 series and currently not available ex-stock. We have DTE 832 / DTE name series and not approval for L-TSA. So can some one explain me the difference above specification and its properties.



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  • I will ask Mobil product development.  From what I was able to find in the internet 

    China GB 11120-2011, L-TSA(Class A)      
    China GB 11120-2011, L-TSA(Class B)

    applies to steam turbines.

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    I want to know what is the special features or  properties  to get this L-TSA recommendation.I would like to attached the GB11120-2011  manual for your reference. For steam turbine why we cant recommend DTE 832 oil which does not have L-TSA.


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    The manual was not attached. Please attach and I will look. One route you may want to take is to ask your Mobil Marketing representative who may then forward to the product manager in China for response. I forwarded to the Americas Product Manager but have not heard back yet.

    What I was able to find was that GB11120-2011 LTSA Classes A & B applies to steam turbines and DTE 832 was primarily made for gas turbine applications. As such, Mobil product management would have no reason to subject the product to the rigors of GB11120-2011 LTSA Classes A & B.
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    Hi Rick,


    Sorry I have missed the attachment. Please find below.Your advise highly appreciated.


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    Difficult to determine if Mobil products meet this spec because the test methods are proprietary to GB. Again, ask your Mobil Marketing representative who may then forward to the product manager in China for response. It is the currently the Chinese New Year so the response may take a bit.

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    Hi Rick,

    Yes , I also confuse to compare the GB standard. How ever only DTE 700 series have this recommendation . Will try to get from EM marketing representative.
  • THD doesn’t recommend customer to choose Mobil DTE 832 or Mobil DTE named series applying on the equipment which GB 11120-2011, L-TSA & B is required due to some specification might not compliance or no related tests have been done yet.

    We recommend customer to use Teresstic T 32. It meets the requirement China National Standard GB 11120-89 L-TSA and is available in China.Thanks!

    AP Technical Help Desk Engineer
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    Is the produt available in Sri Lanka? What is the difference between LTSA A & B?
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    Hi THD

    This Teresstic GT 32 is not available and we converted GT 32 to DTE 832 for GE turbines.
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    from the description of GB 11120-2011, L-TSA & B,the requirement on some quality index for leval A and B is different.For example,leval A includes the viscosity grade from iso vg 32~68 while iso vg 32~100 for level b;viscosity index no less than 90 for level a but no less than 85 for level may check the attachment and find the other differences.
    If you want to purchase the product you may dial '+94 777772001 to EM authorized distributor 'McLarens Lubricants' in Sri Lanka.
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    The product name is Teresstic T 32 not GT 32.
  • GB 11120-2011 is a standard for both gas turbine oil and steam turbine oil.
    L-TSA is set of technical requirement on STEAM turbine oil which is separated in A level and B.
  • por lo que encontre ambas se aplican a turbinas de vapor, ciertamente debe existir una diferencia pero salvo las mencionadas en este post no cuento con alguna otra