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The Right Gear Oil Can Make a Big Difference: An Example from the Textile Industry

Even in the textile industry, the right gear oil can make or break manufacturing operations. This is especially so in India, where the age-old sector is poised to boom in the next five years: the sector is expected to almost double from US$150 billion to US$250 billion by 2019.

As the industry increasingly deploys machinery and cutting-edge technologies, the need for dependable lubricants grows, as the product is integral to keeping machines running smoothly and maximizing productivity and profitability. The gearbox is the heart of the textile machinery and the right gear oil is vital in extending the oil drain interval and delivering top-notch performance.

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Growth in Asia Pacific’s lubricant market – or so it seems?

Many of us often view Asia Pacific as an entire regional market, especially as the region remains one of the most dynamic in the world. Greater levels of investment in infrastructure in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam are driving economic growth in the near-and mid-term.

However, it is also very real that each country and their economies are all experiencing different levels of growth. This means that the individual lubricant markets within Asia Pacific are also growing at different speeds – some faster than the rest.

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